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Welcome to Mangoeyes! With a decade of experience, our team specialises in results-driven marketing solutions for healthcare professionals. Our services, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, Automated Text Marketing, and Email Marketing, are tailored to maximise lead generation and appointment bookings. We're committed to transparent relationships, helping clients build sustainable, affordable patient acquisition systems. Trust Mangoeyes to elevate your healthcare business

At Mangoeyes, we deliver exceptional results by generating leads for under $15 and securing verified appointments for under $55, all within 30 days. Our approach is client-focused, ensuring we understand your unique needs and pain points. By crafting tailored marketing campaigns, we drive growth and success for your healthcare practice. Experience the Mangoeyes difference—marketing that truly connects and delivers.

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Mr Mallappa Kolar
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Mr Adam Mickiewicz
Manager, Proteon Pharma

Vishnu Swaroop Lal

I am Vishnu, the founder and director 😎

My journey through life has been guided by destiny, starting with a decade as a dancer and continuing with the creation of businesses that bring leads and opportunities to various industries. Through my background in dance and human interaction, I understand the power of human connection and the importance of emotional needs in customer journeys.

Destiny has been the compass guiding my life journey, which started on the dance floor. I spent a decade immersed in the world of dance, not for the allure of money, but fueled by a passion for the art. This journey ignited a profound confidence within me, a testament to the power of passion over profit.

Later, I harnessed that same passion to generate leads for my profession. This wasn’t a mere venture for business growth; it was a process that further shaped my character, honed my skills, and extended my understanding of various industries.

Eight years of relentless practice allowed me to translate my art form to different businesses, offering leads and opening up opportunities across diverse sectors. My background in dance and interaction with an array of people cultivated a strong sense of human connection within me. I came to appreciate and value the significance of emotional needs in guiding customer journeys.

Through this unique journey, I became more than just a dancer or a lead generator – I became a conduit of human connection, guiding the dance of relationships in the world of business.

MangoEyes’ Core Value

Our core value defines our culture and work ethics.

"Honest communication with clients and stakeholders is a core value at MangoEyes"


Constantly seek new and innovative ways to improve and grow as a company and Indivisuals.


We take ownership of our actions and decisions and strive to consistently deliver high-quality work.

Win Win Win

Assuring success for - the client, the team, and the company - is a core value at MangoEyes."


It is crucial to our success that we value the diverse perspectives and skills of our team members.


Creating a customer-centric experience and support system is a core value at MangoEyes.

Our Vision

Empowering small businesses with innovative marketing solutions for meaningful connections, sustainable growth, and a brighter future.

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Co- Founder, CEO

Vishnu Lal

Co- Founder

Magdalena Kultys-Lal

Partner, Operation Head

Pravesh Chandel

PPC Ads Specialist

Arun Chandel

On Boarding Specialist

Lata Sundrani

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