Who are we?

Need to bring in some new patients? Look no further! We're a team of seasoned pros with over a decade of experience in lead gen for healthcare professionals. We offer a one-stop solution for all your patient-attracting needs, from content marketing to custom online journeys. At Mangoeyes, we believe in building transparent relationships and empowering healthcare professionals to create their own sustainable, cost-effective patient acquisition systems. In short, we're the go-to organization for all things lead generation in healthcare. So if you need some magic to bring in those patients, we've got you covered!

What We Do?

As a premier medical marketing company based in Poland, Mangoeyes specializes in crafting custom web designs and providing comprehensive digital marketing services. Our clients, private medical practices, trust us to be their go-to team for a visually stunning brand and a well-managed online presence. Click on your practice speciality to discover how we can support your success

About the Founder

“I am Vishnu, the founder and director of Mangoeyes. My journey through life has been guided by destiny, starting with a decade as a dancer and continuing with the creation of businesses that bring leads and opportunities to various industries. Through my background in dance and human interaction, I understand the power of human connection and the importance of emotional needs in customer journeys. My passion for lead generation comes from its ability to create meaningful connections, and my experience in e-commerce and lead generation has given me the skills to excel in this field. I am focused on what I love – helping others make meaningful connections through lead generation.

” Why did I choose the Aesthetic and Skin industry?

In order to sustain long-term efforts, it is necessary to feel a connection to the work at hand. As a healthcare industry professional, I have a deep understanding of the values and needs of skin care and aesthetic professionals, who I consider to be true artists. My ability to create an ideal avatar for these individuals, incorporating both their business savvy and artistic sensibility, is a testament to my strong connection to and commitment to serving the unique needs of these professionals.

MangoEyes’ Core Value

Our core value defines our culture and work ethics.

"Honest communication with clients and stakeholders is a core value at MangoEyes"


Constantly seek new and innovative ways to improve and grow as a company and Indivisuals.


We take ownership of our actions and decisions and strive to consistently deliver high-quality work.

Win Win Win

Assuring success for - the client, the team, and the company - is a core value at MangoEyes."


It is crucial to our success that we value the diverse perspectives and skills of our team members.


Creating a customer-centric experience and support system is a core value at MangoEyes.

Our Vision

We are thought leaders in creating powerful
automated systems that incorporate a multitude of content.

Industry We Serve

Our services are specifically designed to cater to the unique
needs of a variety of industries.

Our Workplace

Here is where we give shape to our ideas.
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What our Clients say?

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