What exactly is Content Marketing in aesthetic business?

Content marketing in the aesthetic business is not to sell your procedures but to educate prospective clients about your practice. This strategy is so effective that you can gain loyal brand customers. 

The Content Marketing technique should entice, engage and retain your audiences. Your content marketing approach must intrigue your customers through articles, videos, blog posts, podcasts, infographics, e-books or other mediums! 

This promotes brand awareness, generates leads and is a perfect reminder to keep your business on top of your customers’ minds.

If you are an aesthetic business owner, we have the perfect solution to ensure that you look great in front of your audience. We are your team and handle everything on your behalf – prepare scripts, conduct video shoots, edit videos and generate content to put them on all appropriate platforms for maximum reach. 

How is it done in MangoEyes Marketing Agency?

Our impeccable content marketing strategies enable our aesthetic business owners to create, distribute, promote and track their weekly growth. 

At MangoEyes Marketing Agency, our core objective is to showcase your proficiency and capability as a company. Consistent content marketing tactics build a positive bond between you and your existing and potential customers. 

Mangoeyes has a system in place, especially for Plastic Surgeons, Injectors and Skincare Clinics who wish to establish themselves as a brand, recognise the value of education and believe in societal contribution. When you add value to your community, you differentiate yourself from the rest, and the MangoEyes content marketing team will assist you in this endeavour. 

Importance of Content Marketing

HubSpot studies show that the investment in content marketing strategies generates approximately 30% additional revenue.

People today consume more content than ever before. Whenever you scroll through your phone, you are likely to find new content on your screen. 

It is essential to utilise relevant content marketing methods to attract new clients and educate existing followers about your aesthetic business. This will give you a firm idea about what offerings you need to focus on.

Three Main Stages Of Content Marketing

At MangoEyes  Marketing Agency, we develop strategic content for you and carefully devise an execution process to help you achieve the desired results.    We believe in agile delivery timelines for maximum results.  We do not leave your  prospective customers halfway and we tap them to the point till they convert into buyers. 

Customer Awareness Stage: In the first level of content marketing, the main objective is to attract the attention of your target audience. This is termed as Awareness Stage. In this stage, you address your customer pain points and help them with their queries. This interaction model is the golden opportunity to convert them into visitors.

Customer Consideration Stage: You convert your visitors into leads and feed them proper guidance sprinkled with additional marketing information during this stage. You have to guide your lead by showing them what exactly they should look for and how your service meets their expectations. Here, it would be best if you concentrated on your aesthetic services. 

Customer Buying Stage: Content marketing is vital when prospective customers are ready to purchase. In this stage, instead of direct sales,  you should focus on your value proposition and how they are unique amongst your competitors.  

What can you expect as an Aesthetic Business Owner?

A robust Content Marketing Strategy is crucial if you want to create relationships and reach your target customer base as a business owner. With this service, you will receive a comprehensive strategy, content draft, step-by-step process and a dedicated team to help you at every stage.

We execute your content strategy and provide you with a step-by-step process to help you plan your content creation journey every week.

We become your company’s extended arm, who  does all the heavy lifting for you. We help you save on your workforce, from researchers, scriptwriters, proofreaders, graphic designers, video editors, social media managers to project managers.

We do in-depth discovery sessions with our clients. Then we facilitate you appropriately with impeccable content marketing strategies – from aesthetic service requirements to new service launches. Next, we work to promote your existing marketing activities through our marketing channels. 

Let’s talk about how Content Marketing Service can help your Aesthetic Business

Content marketing is one of the ways to grow your aesthetic business. With a high return on investment, cost-effectiveness and minimal labour intensive, the decision to go for a content marketing strategy for your business is a no-brainer!

MangoEyes Marketing Agency utilises content marketing to help aesthetic business owners to get more customers, expand their businesses and increase profit.

If you are ready to reap all the benefits of content marketing, contact MangoEyes Marketing Agency now!

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