How SEO can help aesthetic businesses?

Are you in a situation where you know what you want to do on your website but do not know how to do it? Do not worry. Our team of experienced SEO specialists knows exactly what to do.

As a plastic surgeon clinic owner, read the below situations🙂

Your website cannot be located on the internet.

Your web traffic has recently decreased, and you are not sure why.

Your frequency of calls, messages and leads has abruptly dropped.

You are launching a new webpage and need to generate further information immediately.

If some of these four aspects sound familiar, you have arrived at the perfect SEO service provider. Mangoeyes provides services to hundreds of SEO customers and offers optimisation solutions to Google’s complex system because we vouch for what we do.

Craft personalised SEO solutions to meet your needs

We help to grow your business

For over 15 years, we have been providing SEO solutions to help aesthetic business owners to extend their online reach, increase leads and boost their revenues. Our tried and tested SEO strategies have culminated into several successful projects for our clients.

Are you ranking on the top page of google search results (SERPs) for keywords related to your company or brand? If you do not, you are let going your potential leads. Search engine optimisation is neither a fad nor a choice to ignore if you want to expand your aesthetic clinic. SEO is crucial for any marketing strategy to generate leads and boost sales.

Our SEO Services That You Need

Boost your search engine rankings and become more visible online.

Since we know your field inside and out, we can help you rank higher for relevant search queries. Our SEO specialist will analyse your current keywords, potential keyword list and additional keyword research to develop a plan that is perfect for your website and your competition level.
At Mangoeyes, we follow search tool recommended practices to improve your website’s credibility and online presence. Our SEO professionals create original, optimised content, headings, HTML elements and high-quality photos to increase your website traffic.
Making back-end adjustments, like increasing page load speed, can improve your rankings. Addressing these issues makes it easy for search engines to crawl your page.
Improve your aesthetic company’s local SEO ranking by optimising your Google Business Profile. This will allow us to enhance your GMB (Google My Business) presence and maintain a higher internet visibility, thus attracting more potential customers.
Our team is dedicated to giving you relevant backlinks that will improve your ranking in search engines. Since we have links to many high-quality websites, you can be rest assured that we will provide you with the apt resources that is appropriate for your aesthetic business.
Off-page optimisation is key to building your brand’s credibility and enhancing online visibility. Our team of experts at Mangoeyes will leverage link building, social media marketing and influencer marketing to generate qualified links and positive ratings.

Writers at Mangoeyes can help increase traffic to your website with share-worthy posts and update original content for your existing website. Search engine crawlers love websites that continuously update information; hence, it is essential for a successful website.

Mangoeyes will assist you with content creation and search engine marketing strategies.

With Mangoeyes’ CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) services, you can increase your customers’ lifetime value and grow your online revenue. We integrate pay-per-click marketing with SEO services to maximise your conversion rates. We also conduct landing page optimisation, website analyses and A/B split testing to help you achieve success.

Why SEO is a great investment?

Clients often misinterpret SEO because it does not have a physical existence. With SEO, you only get to see visible results. Technical optimisation, backlinks and user experience design are less tangible because most crucial tasks happen behind the curtain. Hence, most clients do not allocate funds for an SEO marketing budget.

Using proper SEO tactics will bring a constant stream of traffic to your website round the clock. This exposure will allow potential customers to learn more about your company and your services at any time of the day or night. Having this type of accessibility benefits both our customers and our company.

Why choose Mangoeyes as your SEO agency?

Mangoeyes has been helping businesses expand their internet presence and boost profits for years. If you are looking for improving your website’s online traffic, then we can help you out. Our team of SEO specialists have decades of experience and are always willing to work together to get the job done.
We understand that it is our responsibility to make a complex, intricate and sometimes stressful SEO process simple for you. At Mangoeyes, we assign a project manager to you who would be your single point of contact for all communications. The project manager, an SEO expert, understands your company and your needs to implement a robust SEO marketing plan.
Relationships and Outputs
Our relationship with our client and the output delivered to them is the basic foundation of Mangoeyes agency. Our SEO experts focus on enabling aesthetic business owners to grow exponentially. We hold onto our clients’ voices and work hard to achieve it.
Our values drive everything we do – including never spamming or trying to game the system, which may result in Google penalties. We never take shortcuts or cut corners. At Mangoeyes, we always have your best interest in mind and will never jeopardise your business.
At Mangoeyes, we follow a transparent system so that our efforts are visible when your online revenue increases. Our specialised, in-depth report includes quarterly keyword ranking updates, a monthly video overview of SEO accomplishments and approach and a breakdown of all SEO activities we completed that quarter.
To stay ahead of the curve, we keep up with the newest SEO trends and news because Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. We consistently update our SEO strategies to ensure that we are always at the top of the game.

We're Chosen For Many Aspects

MangoEyes, a full-service online marketing agency, offers expert online marketing services to help your business rank higher in search results utilizing only ethical, white hat SEO strategies, such as:
Our SEO services are tailored to your needs. We employ the strategies that work best for your company.
Onsite SEO for All: Header tags, meta descriptors, alt labels, and internal links
Comprehensive keyword and industry research.
Writers who can keep your site’s material fresh and promote repeat visits.
Analyze the competition in detail.
Hand-crafted links on high authority domains.
Organic SEO for lengthy results, plus paid advertisements for fast boosts (if you’re interested in PPC).
Media and social site syndication.
Benefit from patterns, traffic, and more using Google Analytics.

our seo

SEO will continue to be an important part of digital marketing in future. At Mangoeyes, we not only keep ourselves updated of the latest SEO strategies and trends but also follow these simple methods to ensure that your website maintains a strong ranking.

Original and quality content 

Since content is the king of Google rankings, we create quality content along with relevant keywords to enhance your website’s ranking. This increased visibility guarantees that potential customers looking for aesthetic services will find our company. Besides, we ensure that the content is appealing and interesting enough for your target audience.

Ethical link-building

Although link-building is an age-old SEO technique yet, it holds good in today’s world if done correctly. Erstwhile, Google has penalised websites for having too many low-quality or spammy links. So, at Mangoeyes, we are cautious with the links we acquire because our focus is improving your website’s ranking in search engines. 

Image optimisation

To ensure that your website loads quickly, we at Mangoeyes optimise your web images without compromising on their quality. In addition, we optimise them with keywords related to the image’s context to help search engines understand your content better.

Enhance user experience

Mangoeyes strives to give you the best user experience possible so that your website will rank high on SERPs. We do this by optimising your site architecture and improving your site speed and security.

Repurpose your content

Repurposing your content can help you to increase your website’s ranking. Hence at Mangoeyes, our team of experts ensures to repurpose your website content, as it is much easier to scale up. In short, you can create some new content every time. You can use one piece of content as the foundation for multiple pieces, such as posts, videos, social media posts and webinars. Repurposing saves precious time in the long run.

Do You Need PPC Marketing Services For Your Aesthetic Business?

The searching landscape is ever-changing. To rank top of Google, you need to engage in SEO services customized to your company’s needs. To keep a strong presence online, you need to locate a competent SEO company that can bring your digital advertising efforts to the next level.

For further information, please visit our website. To achieve long-term profitability, our SEO professionals work directly with our clients. We create high, concrete results using an established, efficient and successful technique.


Our SEO firm utilizes “SEO” to establish a solid campaign foundation that benefits your organization. Our Agile SEO process involves the following steps:

Turn Visitors Into Customers & customers into brand advocates

SEO Code of Ethics

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